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March 30 2015

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March 16 2015


Persephone is the goddess of flowers and is adorable and smart and she probably only wears pastels and at the same time she’s the queen of hell and if that’s not life goals I don’t know what is

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Man, the randomness of this video is awesome. You've got blind granny fishing the lawn. You've got dude headed to the biggest ghetto blaster on the planet, with a butterfly knife. You've got chickie with the weapon from the marriage challenge between Kirk and Spock on planet Vulcan from the original Star Trek. And you've got that vacuum cleaner pretending to be Casper the friendly ghost. Amidst all this, the near bisection of the family fido. Truly, this vid is hard to beat for level of strange. And that odd framed picture on the door.
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The Tempers of the Zodiac.


Aries: Quick to fire up, but then also quick to calm down and move on. Hurtful words and actions may be used in the heat of the moment. Volatile Anger. 

Taurus: Generally patient people, but they can give a tongue lashing to anyone who pushes them too far. A big temper for people that come across as gentle. The feeling of anger will linger for them. 

Gemini: Gemini is quick to turn on anyone hurting them, revealing other, more destructive personalities of the twins. Can use words and mockery to hurt. 

Cancer: Cancer will become defensive and can ride the wave of their rage, causing harsh actions. Then, they will retreat into themselves where they become untouchable. 

Leo: Leo become angry whenever their ego is threatened. They have an over the top anger, where they explicitly let you know that they are losing their temper. Childish rages. 

Virgo: Virgo’s temper simmers inside, but they may become cold and unresponsive. Words may be used to hurt. And they will tell you how incompetent you are at life. 

Libra: Libra generally stays away from rage and loss of temper, seeking harmony above all else. However, their debating skills can come out to play, creating a mildly argumentative nature. 

Scorpio: They can rip your soul out and display it for the world to see if they lose their temper, which sounds exaggerated, but it’s not. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarians may try to laugh off their anger at first. But if they feel provoked, they will react much like Aries, and will then probably storm out to relocate to somewhere less rage provoking and heavy. 

Capricorn: Capricorn’s temper is internalized and kept inside mostly. They will become distant and unwilling to communicate. Might voice angry thoughts if not left alone. 

Aquarius: The Aquarian temper seems to go one of two ways, either they detach and become difficult to reach, or they leave you a sniveling mess on the floor, completely sure of your intellectual inferiority. 

Pisces: Pisces are not people to easily enrage, and prefer a somber atmosphere. Feelings of anger will probably be directed elsewhere, and this is perhaps why this sign is known for using religion, drugs, alcohol, music, art etc as a way of escaping overwhelming emotions. 

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When I date someone I steal their body heat and eat their food and nuzzle them a lot basically I’m 100% useless and also a cat

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  • Woman can be emotionally abusive
  • Women can be physically abusive
  • Women can be verbally abusive
  • Women can be this way to people of any gender. 
  • Women can be intentionally abusive

please don’t pretend this isn’t true. Especially if you call yourself a feminist.

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February 23 2015

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